About our office cleaning service

Our home cleaning service became so popular, it wasn’t long before our domestic cleaning clients were asking us to clean their offices too! We were only too happy to oblige and so we formed Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd (WCS).

To book your one off clean or regular clean, click each link and we will contact you shortly.

The difference between our office cleaning and domestic cleaning services

Office cleaning requires a slightly different approach to domestic cleaning. Yes we still ensure our cleaners are referenced checked, vetted and police checked*. We increased the insurance cover for our commercial cleaners and added some important processes to how we work. We still visit the premises to be cleaned and we still ask all the important questions:

What is important to you

What tasks need to be performed? Do we need to access your office ‘out of hours’ so we do not disturb your staff? Do we need to clean in a specific order? Would it be better to provide a team of cleaners so the onsite time is kept to a minimum? It is important to us that your office cleaning service is tailored to your exact requirements.

What not to do

Are there areas that we shouldn’t clean? Do you prefer to have your staff clean their own desks? Do you need certain areas cleaned whilst there is no one else around? Learning what not to do is just as important as learning what you do need!

What your priorities are

When you organise your office cleaning service with us, we agree upon a number of hours for your cleaning schedule. Sorting out your priorities will mean that we make sure the most essential part of your commercial cleaning is carried out.

Please note our office cleaners are professionals, we do not do a ‘that will do’ kind of job, our cleaners are fast and will not waste time but they are thorough!

Cleaning supplies and equipment

The most hygienic way to clean your office is to use products and equipment set aside solely for your premises, otherwise we risk cross contamination spreading germs from site to site. We work closely with Hygenie who can manage your janitorial supplies. One less thing for you to worry about!

Special requirements

Every company we clean for has different requirements. It is important to us we do things your way and just as important that we do so with no risk to our cleaners, you, your staff or your visitors. Therefore, before we commence your office cleaning service we will conduct and provide a full risk assessment. Making sure the cleaning environment is safe for all concerned. Do you have an alarm system that will require us to access? Do we need to secure your premises once we have finished cleaning? We are keen to make your experience as hassle free as possible, the idea is we are there to help not hinder our clients.

Commercial Cleaning Consultation

The initial site visit lays the foundation for how and when we clean your business premises, but it is not set in stone. Your cleaner(s) will be most accommodating and if you need to change your priorities or your office cleaning schedule then inform your cleaner(s) or call our office on 01604 791799

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions we believe in equal opportunities and we choose our office cleaners most carefully. We do not discriminate, our cleaners are chosen on their ability, their willingness to work hard for our clients and their respectful attitude. We utilise a thorough vetting system, which includes a police check*, interview in their own home, reference checked and we make every effort to provide the best cleaner for you based upon your requirements and your commercial cleaning consultation.

All our cleaners are fully insured, for accidental damage and Public Liability Insurance.

Once we have completed your office cleaning visit we will confirm your cleaner’s details and we will arrange for an introductory visit for you to meet them before they start. We will confirm your preferred day and time and send out all the necessary paperwork.

To find out more information about Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd, you can visit the website or call our friendly team on 01604 791799 and we will be happy to answer any of your office cleaning questions.