At Time For You Northamptonshire, we clean your home with every care and attention to detail as we give to our own homes!

Our home cleaning service starts with a visit, your chance to show us:

What is important to you

On our home cleaning visit we will be asking lots of questions about how you like things done around the home. It is important to us that your home cleaning service is tailored to your exact requirements.

What not to do

We all have our boundaries, perhaps you have a room that you don’t wish cleaned, some of clients will ask us not to clean a teenagers bedroom. Although we certainly don’t mind! Or perhaps the home office is a no go area? A treasured ornament that need to be kept in its case at all times. Learning what not to do is just as important as learning what you do like!

What your priorities are

When you organise a home cleaning service with us, we agree upon a number of hours for your cleaning schedule. Sorting out your priorities will mean that we make sure the most essential part of your home cleaning is carried out. Please note our cleaners are professionals, we do not do a ˜that will do” kind of job, our cleaners are fast and will not waste time but they are thorough!

Where your cleaning equipment is kept

We use your cleaning equipment for hygiene reasons! If we didn’t we would risk transferring germs from house to house.

You know what cleaning products work best for your home, you know what fragrances (if any) you like and because you are the most experienced person when it comes to cleaning your home you know what products you like to use for each surface/area. That is why we use your own cleaning products and equipment. Each time your cleaner visits they may request more cleaning products if you are running low, ask for cleaning cloths to be washed or let you know about any further products they may need.

Special requirements

Do you have any? Take a moment to think about your home, are there any items that need special attention. Do you have pets? You may need to stipulate that the cat or dog cannot be let out or is not allowed in certain rooms. Would you like us to remove our shoes when we enter your home? Do you need us to have access when no one else is at home, will we need a key?

Your home cleaning service with Time For You Northamptonshire means you can stipulate any special requirements that arise from us visiting your home, be as detailed as you like!

Home Cleaning Consultation

The initial home visit lays the foundation for how and when we clean your home, but it is not set in stone. Your cleaner will be most accommodating and if you need to change your priorities or your home cleaning schedule then inform your cleaner or call our office on 01604 791799

At Time For You we believe in equal opportunities and we choose our cleaners most carefully. We do not discriminate, our cleaners are chosen on their ability, their willingness to work hard for our clients and their respectful attitude. We utilise a thorough vetting system, which includes a police check*, interview in their own home, reference checked and we make every effort to provide the best cleaner for you based upon your requirements and your home cleaning consultation.

All our cleaners are fully insured and whilst the insurance does cover accidental damage it will not cover any use of bleach or bleach based products. We have found there are a variety of cleaning products on the market that clean just as thoroughly as bleach but do not contain any. Whilst we are still happy to utilise your products if they do contain bleach, please note that the insurance policy will not pay out if there are damages.

Once we have completed your home cleaning visit we will confirm your cleaners details and we will arrange for an introductory visit for you to meet them before they start. We will confirm your preferred day and time and send out all the necessary paperwork. Now all you need to do is decide how you are going to spend your regained time.