Q. Who are Time For You?

A. Time For You is the UK’s premier domestic cleaning company, set up to offer quality domestic help to busy individuals who value their precious free time. Time For you Northants operate locally from our office near the Northampton Cricket Ground ideally positioned to ensure we provide you with a truly personal service. You can find our full address here.


Q. How quickly can you find me a cleaner?

A. We can usually find a cleaner for you within just a few days. However, if you need a cleaner fast, then call 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk and we will do all we can to speed up the process.


Q. What if I’m not happy with my cleaner for any reason?

A. Simply let our office know of your concerns and we will do all we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. We have a large database of approved, checked and vetted cleaners, one of whom will meet your needs perfectly.


Q. How do you vet your cleaners?

A. Very carefully! Every single one of our cleaners is interviewed in their own home. This way we can see for ourselves the cleanliness of their own home. It also gives us an idea of their background and individual circumstances.We conduct an in-depth interview and assess whether the cleaner will pass our stringent ‘would we let this person clean our own home’ test. At this stage we would also conduct all relevant ID checks. We also gather references.

Cleaning FAQs

Q. Are your cleaners reference checked?


A. Yes they are. We take up references for all our cleaners and those references have to be excellent before we would allow them on to our database of approved cleaners.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours?

A. Usually the minimum number of hours per clean is two. Because we offer an array of cleaning services we are able to offer tailored cleaning packages to meet your requirements. Whether its daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly call our office on 01604 791799 to discuss your individual needs.

Q. Do you have insurance cover?

A. Yes, we are insured for public liability and accidental damage insurance. Please note, in order to keep our charges at a very competitive rate, there is an excess of £100 on all claims for which you would be responsible for. The insurance cover is offered to provide peace of mind in the event of any major incidents of damage.

Q. Is there a contract to sign?

A. Our contract is initially for a three-month term. Thereafter the contract is for a one-month period on a rolling basis. Contract terms can be varied to meet your circumstances.

Q. Will I get the same cleaner every week?

A. Yes. You will get the same dedicated cleaner to do your cleaning. That way you will know who is coming into your home each week and your cleaner will be able to work out a routine with you as to what you would like doing on each visit.

Q. What tasks will the cleaner normally carry out?

A. Your cleaner will do all the usual hoovering, dusting and polishing and will clean the bathrooms and kitchen. They will also clean inside windows if required and most other general household cleaning within your home at your request. By having your own dedicated cleaner you will be able to specify which jobs are done on a weekly basis and which jobs are done on a rotational basis. This way you will receive a service that is tailored to your specific needs.

Q. Why are your hourly rates different?

A. The hourly rates differ depending on your geographical location and the frequency of your cleaning service. This is due to a number of factors including insurance.

Q. Are your cleaners employed by you?

A. No, each of our cleaners are self employed. This allows us the most flexibility when sourcing and providing cleaners for our clients.

Q. Do you provide your own equipment?

A. No, it’s not hygienic to take cleaning equipment and cloths from place to place, we risk spreading germs to uninfected houses. Besides, as the home owner you know what products work best for your home and what fragrances (if any) you prefer. We use your equipment, cleaning cloths and products.

Q. I am Confused by the payments due, what does it mean?

A. It would probably be more confusing to attempt to answer that query here, far better for us to have a chat with you and explain how your individual cleaning service works, please contact the office on 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk and we will pull up your file and be happy to discuss any of your queries.

Q. How do you vet your cleaners?

A. Our cleaners are interviewed in their own home, police checked and reference checked before we add them to our database. The vast majority of our cleaners have been with us for a number of years. If you have any concerns regarding your cleaner, please call our office manager John on 01604 791799 he will treat all concerns in a highly professional and confidential manner.

Q. Can I have a ‘One Off’ clean?

A. Yes, of course. We regularly provide one off cleaning services as we appreciate some people prefer to clean their own homes but there are times when you need a bit of a helping hand. Hover over the home cleaning tab at the top of this page and a drop down menu will appear for you to select your area. Not sure which area you come under? Then call our friendly team on 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk

Q. We need some extra support, can you help?

A. Yes, our cleaners are flexible and if you need some extra cleaning support we can arrange that, please contact the office on 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk If the support you need is beyond the usual remit of our cleaners, we can still help! We also run an In Home Care Company called CareXL you can find out the level of care services offered on our website www.carexl.co.uk

Q. What happens if my cleaner is ill or on holiday?

A. We have a bank of over 90 home cleaners and we are happy to arrange a replacement cleaner if your cleaner is ill or on holiday. Our office manager John, will be happy to help, please call 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk and we will arrange for the most suitable replacement cleaner for you.

Q. Can I have an extra clean please?

A. Yes, please contact the office on 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk tell us what you need and when you need it and we will check our rotas and do all we can to accommodate you.

Q. Can you clean my office too?

A. Yes, as long as your office is in Northamptonshire. Our sister company Workplace cleaning Solutions Ltd takes care of all our commercial clients, same great cleaners, same great service! You can visit the WCS website or call 01604 791799 and we will be happy to organise this for you

Q. Do you discount for senior citizens?

A.Yes, we realise those who need our services most are also the ones who need a discount. All senior citizens receive £10 off the business fee every quarter they remain a client.

Q. I am moving and need a cleaner quick, can you help?

A. Most likely yes, give us a call on 01604 791799 tell us when you need your cleaner and we will do all we can to help.

Q. Can you do the ironing too?

A. Yes, each of our cleaners are able to do your ironing, it’s your cleaning service so you just let us know what you need us to do! Your cleaner will iron your clothes and even hang them up and put them away for you if you wish.

Q. What happens if my cleaner has an accident?

A. All our cleaners are fully insured, if an accident does happen then please inform the office as soon as possible and we will do all we can to rectify the accident.

We hope you have found our most frequently asked questions helpful. If the answer to your query isn’t contained above, or you need more specific answers then please feel free to contact us on 01604 791799 or email admin@timeforyounorthants.co.uk

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